January 22, 2009   |   Axed Western Cape members under the umbrella of Abdulla Omar and Achmat Williams, today tried in vain to obtain an urgent interim High Court interdict to remove the IEC-registered NP National leader. Williams and Omar filed for a court interdict against both Juan-Duval Uys (NP National leader) and the Electoral Independent Commission (IEC).


The objective is to replace Uys with Williams, while former NEL member David Sasman reclaims a position to form a collective leadership, together with Williams and Omar. That will spell the end of the NP as the party is flooded with concerned members informing the party that they will walk away if Omar, Williams and Sasman take leadership of this party. Currently none of these 3 members hold any executive portfolio in the NP. They were never issued with NP membership either.


In court today Williams and Omar arrived without any legal representation. They appointed a person to serve Uys with documents at the court, 10 minutes prior to the hearing. This “lawyer” is in fact not registered as a lawyer at all. When questioned by Uys in full view of the media, the gentleman admitted to not being registered and therefore took a seat in the public gallery instead.


Axed members and supporters were clearly frustrated and upset when Williams failed to convince the court of the merits of their application for an interim interdict against the NP National Leader and IEC. At one stage Williams even interrupted the judge by begging “your Honour, with tears in my eyes I request you to stop Uys in leading the NP”. Uys told the court that no documents were served to him and requested that the case be postponed till February 02, 2009 to enable his lawyers to respond properly and provide reasons why an interim interdict must not be granted. The court granted Uys the postponement, which angered the axed group of Nats.


In the request for interdict, Omar/Williams request the court to remove Uys and replace him as leader with a collective consisting of Omar, Williams and Sasman. These 3 will then have the right to lead the NP for life and cannot be removed till death or resignation.


They also want the court to shut down the NP website, which is hosted in the United States of America. To shut down the NP website, Omar/Williams will have to approach the Federal courts in the USA as South African courts have no jurisdiction in that country.


No person was ever listed as a founder member, as per our definition. The NP only registered a party leader with the IEC, a position Omar, Achmat and Sasman want to occupy as a collective, while legislation prohibits the IEC-registration of a collective as party leader.


Omar and Williams also never had a problem with Uys as party leader, as they had full access to party registration documents filed with the IEC since the moment of registration. Only after the NP NEL axed them, they questioned the legality of Uys as National Leader.


The NP’s policy is very clear on corruption and management of public funds. NP officials occupying leadership positions have a duty to set an example when trusted with financial matters. We cannot allow family members of NEL to abuse the NP by using it as a marketing agency. The NP will never welcome those under investigation by Parliament or any council. We as the NP, who promised a special court for corruption for public officials in our 2009-election manifesto, have to practice what we preach.


The NP has trust in our courts and believes that justice will prevail. The National Executive of the NP is ridding the party of all negative elements, rather now than after the 2009 elections.  We have to deliver on our election manifesto.


Juan-Duval Uys

National Leader and National Director for Communications, NP


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